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The Shortwave Dahlia Community on LiveJournal

"survival is the only true goal"

Shortwave Dahlia
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Shortwave Dahlia

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(Updated 06/02/2008)

1. Who is Shortwave Dahlia?
At the moment: Jack Alberson (programming/synth/vocals), Mark Simmonds (bass guitar) & Ethan Grim(electric guitar/programming).

1a. Has anyone else been part of Shortwave Dahlia?
As a matter of fact, yes. Katja Eichner provided dialogue in her native German language for the end portion of "One People". Dana Liebchen was keyboardist and vocalist in the band from '07-'08.

1b. Will anybody else be involved in the second album?
As of right now, it appears this album will feature only Jack, Mark, Dana and Ethan Grim.

2. What does the name mean?
Actually, it doesn't mean anything apart from signifying Jack's interest in shortwave radio signals and the Black Dahlia Murder.

3a: Discography
3a. What has Shortwave Dahlia released to date?
SD001 - The Sunlight Variations EP*
SD002 - "Losbruellen" single*
SD003 - "Call and Response" single*
SD004 - Illuminated LP*
SD005 - "Automata" mixes single*
SD006 MP3 - Illuminated and Incinerated MP3 cd (collects SD001-SD004 with additional material, approximately ten made)
SD007 - 2007EP (released 2/27/07) (Available on I-Tunes)
SD008 - 042107*
SD010 - 042107*

* denotes online-only releases
You will notice SD009 is missing from the above list. It was used for a remastered reissue of an EP by The Jeta Grove, a project of Jack Alberson’s which preceded SD. Other catalogue numbers may be used later for other band side projects.

3b: Album Titles
3b1. What is All Hail the Misanthrope? What is Breaking Radio Silence?
These were tentative names for what came to be known as the Illuminated album.

3b2. What is Synchronic?
It was the tentative name for the second album, until it was discovered that the word was being used by a record label, a band, and was also the name of a recording software.

3c: New music
3c. When will we hear a new Shortwave Dahlia song?
Those in attendance at the band's May 19, 2007 performance heard two new songs: "Chinese Whispers" and "A Novel Idea". The band debuted more new music at their September 21, 2007 performance.
ETA: As of May 2008, New songs have been demo'd and the new album "The Wilderness" is in progress.

4. Does Shortwave Dahlia play live?
The trio performed live for the first time November 10th, 2006 for approximately 14 close friends, and have played five shows in 2007 as a quartet.

4a. Who has Shortwave Dahlia shared a bill with to date?
(in alphabetical order): Antique Curtains, Holly Cole, Kathryn Brawley, Seafood Hotline, Simon, Two Way Radio and Unstoppable Juggernaut

4b. Where has Shortwave Dahlia performed?
They have played Neil’s and The Buccaneer, both in the part of Memphis known as Midtown.

5. What kind of instruments do SD use?
Alesis QS6
B.C. Rich Warlock guitar
Hohner melodica
Korg MS2000
Roland Juno-60
Samick 6-string hollow-body electric guitar
Samick 5-string electric bass
various pedals, boxes, software, and what-not.

6. Who moderates this community?
helenangel and booraven22 are your moderators. The graphics in this profile were crafted by helenangel