New Single up at Various Locations!!

Shortwave Dahlia has a new song ("Dot Dot Dash") available at their MySpace page:

and at their Last.Fm page:

and also at their Reverbnation Page:

The new album is just about ready so get a sneak peek by heading to any of the above links.
Also, remember there area number of previous releases available through Amie Street at ridiculously affordable prices!

Additionally, Shortwave Dahlia has a Facebook as well!
Shortwave Dahlia Fanpage

SO lots more on the news front, and more updates will be coming soon!

Show wrap-up: 01.09.09 @ The Full Moon Club

Set list:
Call & Response
The Optimists Are Dying Out
An Unfinished Man
A Novel Idea
The Last Time
Song For Vara
Loose Arrow/Temptation

Opening acts: Clouded Son, Black Max

Additional notes:
"Temptation" is a New Order song, and was dedicated to Heidi Ellis for her birthday. Keith Rash stood on stage to hold the mic for "A Novel Idea". Amanda Martin filmed footage of the show and it is slowly showing up on our Facebook musician page.

Shortwave Dahlia Update

Shortwave Dahlia is back out and performing! New album is imminent!

Here’s the show details–If you’re in the area, make sure to come on down and enjoy an incredible show!

The Full Moon Club
1718 Madison Ave
Memphis, TN
With Clouded Son and Black Max.
Friday, January 9, 2009 at 9:00pm
Cover is $5.00!

If you can’t make the gig, check out the merch!
Cat Room Records Merchandise

Now that the album is in it’s final stages, stay tuned for order information, track listings and maybe the occasional taster!


Directly from the proverbial horse's mouth, and by horse I mean JACK!

"Okay, so here’s how this is going to work.

The Wilderness
is expected to be rolling out in August or September. A pre-order price of $10.00 gets you:

:: A compact disc of the album (remember those things? shiny platters of digitally coded music?)

:: A selection in the weeks before the album’s release of downloadable practice sessions, in which we roll through the new tunes as well as some old favorites.

:: Inclusion on a special e-mail list with which we give you news on the album’s development.

:: Last but not least, your very own e-mail address! Now your spam has somewhere new to go!

PayPal your money over to OR to send it by snail mail, contact Jack at for the mailing address.

So what do you say? Ready for the next phase of Shortwave Dahlia?

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New Shortwave Dahlia track on the MySpace player tonight!

Quoth the Jack:

"We're ready to give you a taste of what's to come on The Wilderness, so the completed (perhaps not final mix of) "A Novel Idea" will be premiering here tonight. Are you excited? Huh? We are.
Or as we like to say at practice, "You like that shit?"

So swing by the Shortwave Dahlia MySpace page tonight to hear a new song!!


ETA: And don't forget about the Gig on July 5th in Memphis. Details HERE!